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Simple Nutrition Advice For Building Muscle

You have to be careful with seafood.  The ocean is full of man made chemicals, and other crap.  All of this stuff is in the fish that we eat.  It is not as healthy as it once was back in the day.  These days it make you super sick.  I am sure that you have heard of mercury amounts in the fish that we eat, and that it is a good idea to be aware of the dangers.  Does this mean that you should skip canned tuna?  On an everyday basis, yes.  I know that might be a blow to many of you out there that count on tuna for an easy, and convenient protein food, but you should replace some of your canned tuna with canned chicken breast. 

You get what you pay for.  This means that whenever possible you should shop for quality.  Lean cuts of beef is a great example.  Buy steaks that look appetizing, not that have a bunch of fat all over them.  Remember that red meat should be just that.  Red.  There should be more red showing than the light colored fat.  These are some of the best nutrition tips for fat loss, and muscle gain. 

Avoid processed meats whenever possible.  It will not help you lose body fat faster.  They are usually made up of all the crap that you would not eat normally.  Snouts, skin, fat, ears, etc…  They are typically loaded with salt, and preservatives too.  It is best to stay away from stuff like hot dogs, and such.  It is okay to have now and again, just do not make a habit of it.  

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