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551-268-7125 / 5512687125

butthole that keeps calling me

480-497-8782 / 4804978782

Some education assistance number

978-648-8091 / 9786488091

Thats not exactly so... All my familys phones (land lines and cell phones) are registered with the state and national no-call registries... My husband is still getting calls from these people...

909-333-9767 / 9093339767

I have been getting at least 3 calls a day from this number. They never leave a message. I have put them on auto reject on my cell phone so at least I no longer hear the phone ring but I can see how many times a day the number is rejected in my phone log. It is one of many these days and makes me wonder what good the do not call list is.

909-333-5106 / 9093335106

Got a call from an unknown number... they left a message asking for my husband and stating they had to deliver papers Friday between 9 and 4. They needed someone over 18 to be home to accept them. I spoke to my husband and he also got a call but his phone showed a number 855-882-1062. The last four digits of the file number are the last four of his social so I was a bit concerned. I called the number back and asked the receptionist what the company was called and she said its Kingston management. I asked her what does her company do since they are looking to deliver some documents to us apparently. She told me she couldnt tell me but if I gave her a case number she could transfer me. I told her the Voicemail didnt state a company name or what the documents were in reference to. also they call from a private number?? Fishy. I told her I will wait for a call back with a more detailed voicemail. So I googled it and found all these other experiences from similar phone calls. Im going to take it as its a scam and if they want to contact me they can send me something in the mail.

909-333-4741 / 9093334741

Got unwanted call. Couldn't really make out what he was saying. Called twice and I answered. I just didn't answered the third time. No fourth time yet. Nor message.

682-681-3032 / 6826813032

WARNING--BEWARE!! These callers are B I G credit card criminals, known as the card service scammers! Under NO circumstances, give these lowlifes your credit card number, or you will regret it forever!

551-268-0796 / 5512680796

I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

551-268-6023 / 5512686023

I got a call from this number and it clicked and hung up. I agree annoying!

551-268-6307 / 5512686307

Automated marketing did not answer. I will never answer so stop calling.

425-643-0105 / 4256430105

Im having the same problem, they also call on the weekends and Im on the national do not call list

551-268-7389 / 5512687389

Too many calls from this Political Party!  Tried ignoring them until finally tonight I answered and asked them to remove us from their list.  No doubt an over zealous volunteer who doesn't realize he is not the only caller we are getting from the same entity!

909-333-5294 / 9093335294

I have been contacted by Todd saying he has a buyer for a vacant Colorado lot. The BBB

717-252-5567 / 7172525567

Lower interest rate on a credit card that I dont have. And then hung up on me.

909-333-9338 / 9093339338

I have received multiple calls about personal emergency alert systems. It's the same person - I recognize the voice - but the numbers change. Today the call came from 727-213-1230. The person is arrogant and pushy - insistent that they've never called before. I once again informed him/her (hard to decifer) to remove my number and not to call me anymore, that I'm on the do not call list, and that I've reported them, and then I hung up. This person continues talking even while I'm hanging up - very annoying.

551-268-1209 / 5512681209

I received a call from these people tonight - Peter was his name, English was not his game - could barely speak it.  I asked for a call back number (he said that I had several virus' on my computer that I'd been sending to Microsoft for the last several weeks) Sadly for him, I haven't had my computer on in weeks (since June 28th to be exact) and have been using iPad and phone for communications.  I told him that I worked for USGovt and he then hung up on me.  If anyone gets calls like this report to the appropriate agency - using this link

909-333-3240 / 9093333240

Got the same phone call today at 4:00 CST. This is a new cell phone number I have, so I dont know how they got my number. Oh well.

909-333-9710 / 9093339710

David, I saw yu on this website and am looking for Faye B. Reeves.  By any chance is this your mother.  I would appreciate you emailing me back.  jparc92146@juno.com.

865-828-4880 / 8658284880

Woman called and left a message about sending a video from Junction City, KS and she was from Ohio. l Not sure what she was talking about, she was hard to understand.

551-268-4929 / 5512684929

called back, they said Hi is this *?they knew my name. weird. like to find out who it is.

551-268-8051 / 5512688051

They have been calling for the past year. But, this time they blocked the call. After calling back 11 times from the Province of Ontario Business Development Office she told me I was terminated. Pardon? 'YOU ARE FIRED. And UNEDUCATED' she says to me. Haha i guess she (Claimed her name was Mike) did not like being told what she was doing was a scam.

951-803-4313 / 9518034313

I got a call on my cell from this number today.

551-268-0295 / 5512680295

Press 1 to have your phone number removed from their calling list.

551-268-4065 / 5512684065

I keep getting hang up calls from this number all times of the day.

909-333-0931 / 9093330931

I got that call about 3 minutes ago. Im with Sprint.

727-224-4405 / 7272244405

Called once at 1441 on 10/19/08 . . . left no message.  Thought the 123-456 was unusual so looked it up and found that others have had the same experience.

212-857-9848 / 2128579848

the say they are calling from thr us government and you have been selected to receive a grant for 5000.00 but you need certain major credit cards and a checking account with a positive balance for direct deposit

551-268-8504 / 5512688504

It doesnt work even then.It is useless.

240-225-6661 / 2402256661

Recieved a call from this number on May 17.  Moments later my new cell phone died.  I believe this number sent a virus.

551-268-9868 / 5512689868

Clearly selling a service. My number is on the federal Do Not Call list. When I called the number, I got a recording saying that number "has been disconnected or is not in service". Stinks!

915-804-7663 / 9158047663

I just got one as well. The address on this check is 2627 North Atlantic Ave Daytona Beach FL 32118. $1049.00 is the check amount. This 800notes site is fantastic! I like the idea that someone had to bring it to my local bank to investigate. Im going to do that tomorrow. This type of scam could also fall under mail fraud with the USPS.

551-268-3290 / 5512683290

A Bronx-accent called to tell me my apartment needed to be sprayed for rodents and that I should move out for a couple of days. The guys voice and manner had me laughing. He then told me that he hoped I didnt move out so I could choke on the fumes. I never laughed so hard. Awesome although I figured out early in the conversation that it was a prank.

909-333-2194 / 9093332194

Man with heavy foreign accent, said from Exotic Vacations.  When I said I wasn't interested and to no call me anymore, he started yelling that I could expect to receive many calls from 800 numbers.

915-676-2423 / 9156762423

Someone from this number just called me. It sounded like a recording, but it was someone demanding to know who I was. When I stopped talking, the other person kept going. I just did a google search for this number and it was posted a few weeks ago on craigslist under apartments for rent in portland, maine, but other than that there isn't any information. Feel free to call this person back as much as you want and be an asshole.

909-333-2334 / 9093332334

I get calls from this number several times every week leaves no message. It's very annoying.

620-279-4349 / 6202794349

Got a text saying that I was randomly picked to receive a BestBuy Giftcard and to visit bestbuy-giftcard.com. I'm thinking it's a blatant scam

909-333-2927 / 9093332927

Had a call from this number and my daughter and I both answered at the same time, said he was Peter and calling from Microsoft because my computer was infected and I was spreading a virial disease on the internet.. we played along, but kept correcting his English and then started laughing at him because he kept repeating it over and over. I told him it was a scam, called him a Big silly scamming liar that cant get an honest job.. he finally hung up and we had a good giggle from it. This it the 8th or 9th call we have had from these peoples over the last month.

551-268-3507 / 5512683507

Called and hung up on me. I suspect this to be a scam.

551-268-8440 / 5512688440

No political calls and surveys are under the same do not call restrictions. I recommend the national do not call registry, but there are solicitors who will still call, but at least it is minimized.

218-908-8687 / 2189088687

Just got a call from this no. and it was a man with a Middle Eastern accent and said his name was Marcus (couldn't catch the last name).  He stated that the very minute I received this message i was to call or have my attorney of record call his office because there was some kind of lawsuit against my social security no. and if I didn't call him back then the only thing he could do is wish me good luck.  I have gotten these calls for the last 2 years every couple of months or so on my cell phone and my work no.  I have no idea who they are but it's always a heavy Middle Eastern accent and can hardly understand half of what they say but it's pretty much the same message and they have called from at least 4 different telephone numbers.

845-915-5975 / 8459155975

I didn't answer. I don't know the number

909-333-8973 / 9093338973

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551-268-1790 / 5512681790

called several times but no one talks when I answer. Do not want any more calls

909-333-5296 / 9093335296

telemarketer for some auto care or auto repair insurance. couldnt understand him due to him speaking half assed english

551-268-0909 / 5512680909

the FTC is another co-opted, totally REPUBLICAN SCUM RUN ORGANIZATION, they aren't going to do their jobs anymore than my cats are going to prosecute these filth.  the DO NOT CALL LIST is BOGUS and DOESN'T DO ANYTHING, UNDER REPUBLICAN SCUM RULE!!!!!

551-268-6789 / 5512686789

I don't know anyone in this area code but they called me prank calling and I heard laughs in the beckground!!!!

551-268-8434 / 5512688434

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