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List of new comments

716-949-4100 / 7169494100

Answered call and voice said "goodbye". In CT

517-623-6918 / 5176236918

Called at 4in mirn dont know who it is

530-701-9487 / 5307019487

I get the same number 10 000 000 and when you call back it says disconnected

620-844-0269 / 6208440269

I also ran an ad on craigslist and got a text from this number. No phone calls. Thank goodness we had the sense to look this number up before giving our paypal info up! All they kept wanting to know was if we had a paypal account...so much for paypal being so secure.

707-263-1083 / 7072631083

Someone from this number keeps calling my phone and hanging up.

323-539-3168 / 3235393168

Deresz Commercial Service Group LLC

312-483-5316 / 3124835316

I received a text message from this number saying "Vanesa wants to chat with you --

386-414-0416 / 3864140416

I recd a call from IPROX same walmart 100.00 gift card scam...said I could also use card at best buy or target. The i only thing--the no they called from was 347-429-9147. If you call it back it is a non- working number. SCAM!

308-784-3205 / 3087843205

This is either HEB pharmacy as they always call from a 210 and I am definitely not in that area code so I hardly get calls from it .....or......bottomfeeder bill collector. I had one that used to call from a 210 a while back. Maybe he's trying again. Dunno, haven't answered it in years now so the statute is probably passed anyhow. Good luck to them. HEB usually leaves a message for 'your prescription is ready' and I didn't get a message from this one. Hope this helps

845-901-1001 / 8459011001

They are the stupidest agency ever!

646-764-4135 / 6467644135

just because you register on the government do not call it doesnt mean they will stop calling you. I have been registered on that site for the last 4 years and receive multiple harassing phone calls from telemarketers.

317-902-8881 / 3179028881

I get several a day.  Please make these people stop!

303-529-4031 / 3035294031

Just called and hung up on my answering machine with a heavy click.  

518-346-3045 / 5183463045

Received a call from 312-625-5657 and did not leave a message' that's why  I have an answering machine to assist me.

909-670-8565 / 9096708565

Constant phone calls to my cell phone that is registered on do not call list

317-837-6947 / 3178376947

Thats you - the idiot troll who keeps posting the same cr@pola over and over again under different names. OK, we get it - you were scammed. Once is enough. Now youre just another troll rather than a consumer who could have posted one informative comment which could actually help people.

802-702-6915 / 8027026915

I have gotten seven phone calls today from this number. I don't know this number.

330-392-7413 / 3303927413

Claims to be "account services for your current credit account" says nothing is wrong but they want to talk to you. Hung up at this point. Clearly a data mining scam.

502-782-5336 / 5027825336

someone called using this number but I have caller id so I didn't answer because I didn't know of any 121 area code.  In trying to find out more I found this web site.

559-455-9994 / 5594559994

Say they are the Florida Energy program !!  I do not live in Pinellas,

715-475-7870 / 7154757870

Got several calls....never a voice, just silence.  Tried to call back, says number not in service.  Caller ID says "Intl. Number"

478-708-9827 / 4787089827

Wow, I just got this call,  on my texting app number, couldn't hear the voicemail they left, but they left two apparently. So i called the number back, i hope that wasn't a bad idea, i just got a recording so I hung up.

623-284-2142 / 6232842142


972-253-3335 / 9722533335

I had to hang up, it may have been Swahilian or Basque but what ever language it was, it was incomprehensible

801-826-5881 / 8018265881

they had my name and my phone number! "Hey XXXX, not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke00.com is giving away free e-cig trials. -Mike" This is crap!

775-249-1128 / 7752491128

I have Verizon and when I redialed the number, I got a message about the Verizon customer being unavailable.

917-272-6572 / 9172726572

They just called for the third time today. We get a call at home from this number nearly everyday.

510-878-5172 / 5108785172

Got the call today...wife said may I ask who is calling and they hung up.

270-422-7019 / 2704227019

I also just got a call from a company. When I called back it was a recording that was saying I was entered to win prizes. This was on my cell phone as well where NO crap calls should be coming in.

214-744-1287 / 2147441287

Health Insurance broker, calls at least 3 times a day.

385-224-6627 / 3852246627

Yes.. i am also getting calls from this number.. who is this and where does the number belong to?

847-250-2833 / 8472502833

Keeps calling I don't ancer wen I called back a woman ancerd and asked how did I leanr about her school I said watz the name of ur school she hung up

312-584-4316 / 3125844316

Called my 8 times in a 5 minute period.  I never answered the call and they did not leave a message.  I called the number back from on out-going only line at my office and got a recorded message that they could not accept my call because the extension I had dialed was not set up on the system.

847-871-0440 / 8478710440

call about   , i won a free ipad  from metropcs

772-364-2564 / 7723642564

Someone from a magazine company trying to get me to give information out of me

480-960-8185 / 4809608185

Come on! Use your head! Your Logic is invalid!! They call you because you may not have anymore money in your account or your account number has been changed (forgot to updated).

972-210-4239 / 9722104239

The person found my number in ' internet using attached.

559-246-0591 / 5592460591

Repeated calls starting at 7:00 am until late at night. Did not pick-up calls until 12/20, they hung up after I answered the call with a "YES" and with a very angry tone.

256-497-5044 / 2564975044

I updated my smart phone 2 hours ago & that call came in for the 1st time 5 minutes ago. Damn cell phones!

870-953-1795 / 8709531795

Got a call from them today December 4 @ 1:49pm. I never answer calls like these, if I they are not in my list.

559-350-7202 / 5593507202

10 text messages to an 89 year old woman that we very explicit in nature

641-632-7959 / 6416327959

I recently subscribed to the Mpls Star Tribune newspaper and now I am getting these calls constantly.  check out the site below...many other people who ordered newspaper services (from different states) have recvd calls from this phone number too.  I think the Star Trib sold my phone number to someone and that is not cool.

801-719-1230 / 8017191230

I get several of calls from this number everyday for the last couple of weeks. When I call it back I get the same message. "The number or code you have dialed, is incorrect. Please check the number or code and try again."

641-688-3026 / 6416883026

Just received a call at 9:30 am Central time. 11-30-13

626-635-6080 / 6266356080

the BBB is no help at all if the company in question is a dues paying memeber.   Its A KNOWN FACT THAT THE BBB DOES NOT POST most of the complaints they receive and generally side with the BAD Business.

862-780-8606 / 8627808606

I friended a guy on Facebook says hes Carlson Morris in Afghanistan I have pics as well. Says hes 43 in army ? My email is whodat651@gmail if u want to exchange pics n info.

567-286-6325 / 5672866325

This number showed on caller ID.  The associated voicemail referenced 888-308-4403 which appears to be Marlin Leasing.

402-610-5120 / 4026105120

You probably will continue to get such calls. The trick for them is to simply buy a prep-aid phone, with as much time as they think theyll need. After all the time is used up just trash it. No traces. The government probably could trace it, but not in the short time they are using it --- which may be ??? weeks, months? Best thing is to just let it ring through and let your voice mail hear the silence.

731-741-6306 / 7317416306

Absolute scam....filthy debt collectros