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901-318-4963 / 9013184963

Educational post:You may have been exposed to scam # 2, as described here:Remember to return here, to 800notes.com, after you look at any of the information at that site, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam, or to read any further information about that number that others may post.

678-906-0664 / 6789060664

This number (1 120-280-8487) Has been calling me since the first few weeks i bought my new smartphone. Is there any way i can get them to stop calling, or to report this kind of scam? Get these people out of business please!

502-477-8556 / 5024778556

Phone rang twice. I answered but caller had already disconnected.Caller ID said Modesto CA.

810-534-7299 / 8105347299

Received call just before 7 p m our machine picked up and the other end left no message but did not disconnect the call on our end. We got fast busy and "your call failed to go through -please hang up and try again" message on the machine

419-320-1543 / 4193201543

so annoying. they called about 5 times already in the last  two weeks and again tonight. when u pick up no one answers!!

478-356-9159 / 4783569159

Called me three times under a private number, then texted me with a message, "Can i suck on ur toes?" Ugh.

318-345-1065 / 3183451065

I got a call and the person sounded mid-eastern. I told her to repeat what she had said, that I could not understand her and she hung up. She did call me by name though. I blocked the call.

432-948-3752 / 4329483752

7:30 pm. This number on the caller id. No message.

414-649-9974 / 4146499974

I keep receiving calls from this monotone guy, I wish he would stop calling.

785-598-4345 / 7855984345

absolute fraud. calling late at night. leave no message.

720-289-7274 / 7202897274

Focus Receivable's...collection agency

714-992-1383 / 7149921383

This number repeatedly calls then hangs up

909-771-2635 / 9097712635

Received unwanted text messages from this number (I don't know them) in my cell phone #. The text says: Bad credit. No Equity, Behind on your Payment, Not behind. Want a lower payment? Interest rates as low as 2% fixed. If so Reply HELP. - What bothers me the most it's the fact I have limited text message plan, and this type of crappy spam takes my quota away

914-421-1452 / 9144211452

I have been getting a lot of calls from that number

714-628-1567 / 7146281567

This people call every day, and when I answer they hang up.

859-988-9312 / 8599889312

have you heard any more back from him.. claims to be from chicoago

781-297-2685 / 7812972685

Home design center Soliciting Free quotes for home improvement

714-852-0113 / 7148520113

I don't want to be harassed by this number anymore

304-968-7855 / 3049687855

I ordered the chillow over the weekend from their website, although saw it on TV, and this number lapping me six times a day! After reading a lot of the posts on here I just called them back (at midnight), and he answered the phone and said, hello and then my name. I sad, who? Then he said my full name. I told him he had a wrong number, and he said very sorry for the bother. Heh.

330-512-6464 / 3305126464

actually, its not a person calling its an automated calling system.

907-337-7836 / 9073377836

Called on Sunday Jan 18 '09 around 12:pm

320-256-1378 / 3202561378

wants to know if an item I have up for sale is still available, even when my ad states if it's still listed, it's still available. wants me to email him at mattjackson945@gmail.com

802-783-7661 / 8027837661

j7uLeR <a href="http://xnmnyihgtejt.com/">xnmnyihgtejt</a>

806-257-6219 / 8062576219

Threatening us with an alleged summons

312-399-1838 / 3123991838

They too tried taking the wife and I for a ride 6 times the last 60hrs or so. The most recent being at 1pm today. I told em Im sick of the bull and Im calling the authorities , instant disconnect. Now I have a # Im gonna call my phone svc provider and see if I can run a block on these leaches.

907-409-8699 / 9074098699


402-651-8661 / 4026518661

STOP calling or leave a MSG. Email me about what you r calling about. If this is a sales call don't bother. 262-439-1500 Stop calling me. Whenever I all back nobody answers. THX

562-637-7514 / 5626377514

I received six calls today at work after I asked the first one not to call because this was my job line not home.  This final one a few minutes ago, this guy with an Indian accent so bad it took me three times replaying the message to understand what he was saying.  He told me he was with the Attorney General's office and was about to download a case against me and I had better call him back if I knew what was good for me.  Every time they called, it was a different Indian person with a different American name and different threats all day from garnishment of wages to arrest to now the Attorney General.  They are nothing but scammers.  Don't fall for their harrassment.

862-854-9733 / 8628549733

Asked if I was Danny, I responded yes and asked who is this, rudely asked what my last name was, I said what us your last name she said I don't give out my last name and I said I don't either,she said are u not smart enough to answer a simple question? Funny u can't either.

831-343-8272 / 8313438272

I received an email from Ram stating that he was from Ask Staffing. He then followed up with a phone call. His location popped up as Vantuatu. He offered me a position with AT&T, but needed my SSN for identification purposes. when I would not give that he wanted my DOB. I checked both AT&T and Ask Staffing's websites. Neither listed such a position.

845-490-5357 / 8454905357

sends obscene messages hacked my phone and email accounts. has several aliases.

916-767-1085 / 9167671085

Called number and recording said, "the number you dialed is non allocated"

559-582-3623 / 5595823623

Some chick texting her husband isn't home if I'd like to meet her somewhere. Guess she doesn't realize she is texting a married woman, not a guy

847-704-4949 / 8477044949

Same here. What parts of the country are you in?

314-902-3236 / 3149023236

received a call from this number this morning. Left no message.

843-412-4046 / 8434124046

I got a text today from this number which said: Apple is looking for people to test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3now.co and enter code BETA will receive it!

847-373-5588 / 8473735588


814-245-6422 / 8142456422

Bill from Price Distribution, won a Lincoln Navigator.  Did not enter a contest.  Left message to call back 1-800-301-3436.

424-918-2114 / 4249182114

Perhaps you really are "her" and that's why you have so much concern. It's interesting how much time your wasting on a website to complain and be an advocate for someone who you don't know.

417-442-4816 / 4174424816

For your edification, this is a copy of an email I received from 206-202-1481

806-671-0453 / 8066710453

Guessing it's a collection agency from notes above and when I called back I received the following message:

914-524-9485 / 9145249485

Donotcall.org is a waste of time.these people and alot more STILL call!!! ?

325-952-1428 / 3259521428

They say I won soothing, and to press 1 to get my $100 gift card