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425-403-1439 / 4254031439

Another note here from a would be victim of Card Processing Services. They called me today, were very rude to our receptionist, misrepresented themselves to me and were generally liars. Avoid these guys like the plague.

479-349-2360 / 4793492360

They keep calling my cell phone and not leaving a message. When I answer, there's just dead silence. Finally I called them back. "Education Research Center...is this John?" is how they answered the phone. I spoke to Marlene, who hung up on me when I asked her to stop calling my number. Then spoke to a Rita, who at least apologized when I told her they had a wrong number, then hung up on me before I could garner any further information. I've already reported them to Do Not Call Register.

732-802-8586 / 7328028586

Please translate. Did you answer the call? Was it solicitation on a Sunday? Thanks.

830-587-3236 / 8305873236

The message I got was: txt me pls and maybe i will send the naughty Pics i just took lolname on top is qtjqqgsfd@dchrjvftgrw.com

325-932-9708 / 3259329708

3 calls in in 1 hour the last one I heard some kind of recording saying" Goodbye: I think it is coming from where they make you fill out a job application online. These companies make you fill out for a job on their website claim it is protected but every time I do it I start getting phone calls from these kind of numbers or something for a online school and never hear  a damn thing about a job

812-613-5842 / 8126135842

Parasite dept collectors. Diversified Consultants near philly, Levittown actually.. These dumb fks can't understand english! I've had the same number for 5 years and these fkn idiots still keep calling for the wrong person... These types of businesses should collapse on the people inside them. They terrorize innocent people

423-445-5774 / 4234455774

They will text you and say they are sleeping with your boyfriend or your teenagers sleep around, stuff like that. They know basic personal information so it is likely they cruise social media. Number is a VoIP in Gulport, MS. Once they knew I knew that they stopped.

325-817-4181 / 3258174181

Hung up in my face when i told them my husband wasn't home. Then called back n just hung up whe I answered

228-579-9053 / 2285799053

You can block a 678-xxx-xxxx number but when they switch to calling from 800-897-8296 or another 800 number, you can't block it.  At least in Texas, ATT tells me that the debt collectors have lobbied to prevent blocking of 800 numbers.  So, I guess we pay ATT so that debt collectors calling the wrong people can harrass us.

212-617-1314 / 2126171314

Bogus car warranty expired notification

315-494-0688 / 3154940688

I got a call from this number also. said from tech expert calling about my windows operating system and wanted me to open up windows and she was going to walk me through some checks and I would need to tell her what alerts came up.  of course unable to call the number showing.

410-395-1521 / 4103951521

They call me daily and leave no message. I have no idea who they are

570-397-9619 / 5703979619

This # called me and was a recording about  what is wrong with our government and president and so on... did a reverse numer search and nothing came back... called the number back it said this number is disconnected... did a comprehensive search on the phone number and still came back with nothing!

412-816-9328 / 4128169328

Hi. This is Lexis of Englewood. They will continue to call and never leave a message. A really poor way of doing business.

386-904-7737 / 3869047737

called back the number and it said it was disconnected... How, I'm not sure. I called the number back less than 5 mins after my phone rang.

440-699-1838 / 4406991838

Keep getting calls from this number. 3 today.

432-524-1167 / 4325241167

You are quite correct Wolfman. Here I am. One of our esteemed colleagues messaged me & let me know that this little cretin is trolling. My thanks to him. I get a great sense of success when a lowly scammer tries to attack me. It is proof positive that what we do is working. We expose frauds, we cost them money. Frauds are finding it more difficult every day to find victims due to sights like this one & the people that dedicate so much of their time to educate others. We make a real difference & it shows. This little oaf is probably just a Troll. Even lower than a scammer. He is a cowardly creature that can only try to run his mouth on random threads because he knows that he cant go one on one with me. His ignorance already shows & his illiteracy would be even more apparent if he tried to take me on. We see his type all the time. Pity him, he is nothing. Happy New Year! Gunnar

413-923-1648 / 4139231648

just because you register on the government do not call it doesnt mean they will stop calling you. I have been registered on that site for the last 4 years and receive multiple harassing phone calls from telemarketers.

508-389-2687 / 5083892687


512-708-6663 / 5127086663

The donotcall site doesnt work. If they use an auto dialer, they will still call you!

651-314-9564 / 6513149564

I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

918-316-9188 / 9183169188

don't know how number above 305-368-8891 appeared; I was try to file complaint about 305-368-8911. Sorry

562-455-9491 / 5624559491

michael Karaguzian owns the scam and scam merchants his name is all over Card Pricessing Services 6000 cite des neiges his little partners are Daniel Talafre and Steven Geffin they rip off merchants they ripped me off

413-335-6297 / 4133356297

Received call from 317-444-3957 or 317-444-3954 on 12/11, 12/20, 12/29, and 12/30/2014 they did not leave any messages.

719-944-6587 / 7199446587

online school but I have asked for the people to stop calling!!

410-393-2956 / 4103932956

Wanted us to advertise on the Haysville Diner menu

502-623-7277 / 5026237277

Got a robot sales call on my cellphone from 206-222-9144 this morning at 9am Hawaii time.

205-751-7342 / 2057517342

ex wife don't want to deal with her

419-595-0454 / 4195950454

My caller ID said California call......I don't think so.  I didn't answer so I have no idea and when I googled it I came up with nothing

425-578-3339 / 4255783339

do not close the phone, honey.

402-906-9739 / 4029069739

Just recd call from this number. on 1/7/2015 2:07pm est (from Herndon, VA). An automated message with a foreign accent (spanish?) on my voice mail, does not identify person whom he is calling for, but threatens to issue a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion...LOL! Wants me to call him back.obviously a huge hoax, sounds like a debt collector ploy.

443-562-4981 / 4435624981

Just got one on the 9th, I am from Ontario, Canada. No message and called my cell.

432-499-7342 / 4324997342

Had several missed calls from this number

308-410-3173 / 3084103173

It is Global Properties, we have land in another state they tried to buy.

505-783-7670 / 5057837670

if a minor called this number can I be exempt from the charges?

703-798-0029 / 7037980029

Texts strangers at 4:10 AM. If someone doesn't text or call you back, maybe you got the wrong number.

502-601-0323 / 5026010323

This number calls my personal phone almost daily sometimes several times a day and there is never a real person on the other end.

423-632-3285 / 4236323285

This guy also did the same thing, but it was to my uncle. And he said that he was coming to visit but that the airport officials stopped him because he had too much money on him. This guy asked my uncle if he could deposit $800 in a money exchange house (the house was called Orlandy Valuta). But he told my uncle to do all of this in Tijuana. And we ended up calling our family members on Mexico and found out that no one was coming to visit and that the phone call was all fake. Someone needs to stop this guy.

484-693-2407 / 4846932407

Called asking to speak to someone id never heard of. Coast collection agency.

509-685-9589 / 5096859589

Was awoken when this number called my residence number at 12:59am. They already hung up by the time I picked up.

503-721-0911 / 5037210911

drama meth head probably an informant

501-697-2577 / 5016972577

Got a email from these people about wanting to do business. Had this phone number on it. the website they listed didnt even exist.

402-574-2004 / 4025742004

To help reduce your credit card intrest press 1 now to speak with a representitive.

412-228-9519 / 4122289519

I just read where Florida is aware of this impostor company, located at located at 1174 Court St., Clearwater, FL., and that it is going by the same name as another company, who supposedly are reputable.  If Florida officials are aware of this problem, why on earth haven't they done something about it???

425-689-4421 / 4256894421

spam - they just try to get you to call it back to hear a recording directing you to call another number selling a get rich quick scheme.

505-464-7502 / 5054647502

You probably just yelled at them and hung up or said not Interested and hung up. If you say that; theyll usually mark it as a respondant not available especially if they ask a for a specific person an you say that and hang up because we can only assume that the person were looking for didnt answer the phone.

347-757-0910 / 3477570910

This number has called my house several times over the last few weeks. Today I was home and answered. It was a pre-recorded message offering a free cruise to the Bahamas if I participated in a survey. The recording asked me to press 1 to participate in the survey or press 9 to decline and be permanently removed. I doubt that they've removed my number as much as I doubt they were going to give me a free cruise.

503-849-1325 / 5038491325

dont want it texting or calling me