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Be Unstoppable

There are times when you feel unstoppable when you are training, and there are times when you feel like you can not get through the first set, and tons of other times that are in between.  It is a part of the journey, and it is all a part of the results that you are going to produce for yourself.  It is all about doing very hard workouts.

On those days when your warm up is kicking your butt, and you still push through your workout, those are the time that you know that you are getting the job done.  That is the true measure, and it is also what most people are not willing to do for themselves.  Remaining consistent, and dedicated to what you are doing is what is going to set you apart from all of the other schmoes that you are out there sitting on gym machines, and doing half hearted workouts.  There are times when I will do unusual bodyweight workouts that force me to exert myself. 

The way that I am feeling right now is a good example of what I am talking about, but I am still going to get in a pull up, push up, squat workout later today, no matter what.  There have been times when I have gotten off of 16 hour shifts, and went straight to the gym to do deadlifts.  Those are the things that you will do when getting strong is important to you.  It builds all kind of strength, and in more ways than one.  

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