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potential benefits and risks

So now we can see that the risk of a serious adverse event from spinal manipulation is extremely low relative to the risk posed by surgery.  That’s one reason that the Mayo Clinic and many other reliable healthcare organizations around the world consider spinal manipulation very safe when performed by someone trained and licensed to [...]

A bee sting

Last weekend, I went to see my grandma. She lives close to the city park. I love her so much. She was very happy that I came to visit her. We spent the whole weekend together, remembering the days when she was younger. We found some old photos and laughed about the big resemblance between [...]

Getting Real

You are eating better, you are exercising everyday, and things are going pretty good.  It is a nice feeling right?  What about the beginner though.  The average doughy dude sitting on the couch wishing he was in better shape?  If you find yourself saying to yourself “just one more day”, “just this once”, or “I [...]

Did My Research

I had heard that I might get some relief if I went to see an acupuncture clinic about my colitis, but I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about it to begin with. I did some research on the web and looked up acupuncture colitis to see if anyone else had any [...]

See Clearly Again With the Help of an Eye Doctor Columbus

Is your child complaining of headaches, bringing home lower grades than usual or complaining that he can’t see clearly? If so, you may need to make a trip to the eye doctor to see if something can be done to help. An eye doctor columbus will be able to evaluate your child’s sight with some [...]

Treatment from a auto accident chiropractor injury

To help answer this specific question, the Task Force of Quebec, authored a pair of medical studies to review what types of whiplash suffered because of a las vegas chiropractor neck injury could end up with very little constant injuries as opposed to the ones going to be functionally disabled or even weakened. The very [...]

Back pain is terrible

When I was young, I played basketball a lot. I injured my back many times and I never went to the hospital. That is why nowadays, I feel back pain. I cannot get up properly, because the pain is killing me. My wife said that I needed to go to this really famous pain management [...]

Feeling better

I have been experiencing some back pain lately, so I went to see my doctor. He immediately recommended that I see a specialist, and get some kind of proper treatment for it. As we agreed, after the consultation, I went to see a specialist at the nearest clinic. The specialist examined me and recommended that [...]

Cavity Causes Explained by Your Certified Dentist in OKC

Cavities are painful but preventable. Your Certified Dentist in OKC has the answers to what causes cavities and how to prevent them from happening to you. Bacteria can grow on the surface of your teeth and mix with proteins in your saliva to form a hard whitish film called plaque. The buildup of plaque on [...]

Getting in better shape

When spring came, after the long winter, I decided to activate myself physically and I started working out. I started going to a gym in my neighborhood and it was a really nice gym, with a really affordable price. I started going there regularly, and I was getting into much better shape from when I [...]